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Flarrow-verse, Oliver x Felicity, Barry x Iris, 3 recs

Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: Oliver x Felicity
Title: Forever Is Composed Of Nows
Author: Bre and So_Caffeinated
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): Mature
Word Count/WIP?: 118K and counting
Recced on LiveJournal By: angelica_rules
Why This Must Be Read: Because it is simply amazing? Set in mid s2, this fic has *stefon voice* everything. Barry brings Oliver and Felicity's future daughter to them back in 2014 because Zoom is after her, when Slade at the moment is their only worry and everything changes. First of all, well, Oliver is with Sara and Slade is wreaking havoc in Starling... but then Ellie Queen shows up and makes Felicity and Oliver realize things they were keeping deep down. Bre and SoCaffeinated also wrote some of my fave other Arrow fics and they update this monster of a story every monday. Just trust me and read it.

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Barry x Iris (with slight mentions of Oliver x Felicity)
Title: perhaps we should've got married
Author: mmtion
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): Teen+
Word Count/WIP?: 15.5K
Recced on LiveJournal By: angelica_rules
Why This Must Be Read: Slightly inspired by the movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral", this fic indeed shows us how Barry and Iris are through four different weddings and one funeral where they finally give into their feelings. There are awkward drunk moments, there is jealousy, there is family trying to plan things behind their backs. And there is Wally! It is really amazing.

Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: Oliver x Felicity
Title: What Lies Between Us
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit
Word Count/WIP?: 28K
Recced on LiveJournal By: angelica_rules
Why This Must Be Read: Another of JSevick's "Alias" crossovers, this might be the one fic I liveblogged to my friend with all my feels because it is amazing? Basically Felicity is the Marshall Flinkman of this universe (well, not really Marshall-like) and Oliver is Sydney Bristow; ie. Felicity is the IT girl of SD6 and stumbles upon some information that leads her to the fact that SD6 and its lead Malcolm Merlyn work for the bad guys and then goes to CIA to work as a double-agent, only to find out that Oliver has already been a double-agent for years. They go on missions and they even act as a fake married couple! What else would you want?

The Flash, Two Recs, Caitlin Snow/Joe West

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Fandom Category: The Flash
Pairing: Caitlin Snow/Joe West, Iris West/Barry Allen
Fic Title: Constants
Author: helsinkibaby
Rating/Warning(s): PG/Major Character Death
Word Count/WIP?:32,080/Complete
Recced on Livejournal by: Honor_Reid

Why This Must Be Read:Author's description: A year ago, Caitlin Snow lost her job, her mentor and her best friend. As the anniversary of the tsunami dawns and an old foe re-emerges to threaten her, The Flash, a reporter, a police captain and a not quite ghost join forces to help save her life - in more ways than one. This is a very rare pair that at first seems odd but if given a chance helsinkibaby will surprise you because they make it work beautifully. This story takes place in an alternate timeline that greatly diverges from the show after the episode Out of Time. What I loved about this pairing is how the author writes Caitlin and Joe. They start off with a respectful friendship that changes and deepens the more time they spend together as they try to solve the mystery of who is after Caitlin. This is a very well written story that is both intriguing and lovely.

Fandom Category: The Flash
Pairing: Caitlin Snow/Joe West
Fic Title: Deep as the Sky Under My Skin
Author: helsinkibaby
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5595538
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Word Count/WIP?:15,173/Complete
Recced on Livejournal by: Honor_Reid

Why This Must Be Read:Author's description: Joe and Caitlin have both loved and lost. When they meet in STAR Labs, it turns out that it's not just Barry who is saved. This is a season one rewrite, where Caitlin and Joe meet at Barry's bedside, they develop a friendship and then decide to see where it leads from there as they deal with craziness that is the first season of The Flash. It is a gentle and beautiful romance that is well written and I highly recommend it!

Too Much by bisexualiriswest (T)

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Category: tumblr fics

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Iris West/Barry Allen
Title: Too Much
Author: bisexualiriswest
Link: http://bisexualiriswest.tumblr.com/post/132981156593/hey-alex-how-about-iris-after-seeing-zoom-drag-in
Rating/Warning(s): T. Post 2x06 "Enter Zoom".
Word Count/WIP?: 767. Complete.
Recced By: devon380black

Why This Must Be Read: The missing scene in episode 2x06 (Enter Zoom). "Too Much" gives us Iris' perspective in the aftermath of Barry's defeat. Terror, anxiety, and worry are just some of the feelings explored in this fanfic which is written with a perfectly in character Iris West. The author highlights Barry's importance in Iris' life and echoes Iris' desperation when Barry was brought to the hospital after the particle accelerator accident.