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Multifandom Het Recs

Of All Flavors

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Multifandom Het Fanfiction Recs
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A community for recommending het fanfic from just about any fandom under the sun.
"All I want is a long multi-chapter completed, perfectly written, in-character angst fanfiction of my otp which includes a lot of smut and a little bit of fluff but a really good plot line with no grammatical errors idk man is that too much to ask?"

This comm is an organized rec community for thousands of awesome het fics in literally hundreds of different fandoms and pairings. All your het needs. Any and all heterosexual fanfiction recommendations are welcome.

Also, this comm was imported to dreamwidth on 11/30/12. It began mirroring on Tumblr on 10/26/14. Current moderators are stars_inthe_sky and blithers.
1. For Fic Recs Only: This is a fanfic REC comm. Please do not post/rec your own fanfiction here. No vids. No fanart. No posts pleading for a certain fic. Please don't pimp anything else (comms, challenges, and so on). Contact the mods if you have any questions.

2. No Bashing: This comm has a no-bashing policy. This goes for characters, pairings, and fellow LiveJournal users. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. Also, this is NOT a place for slash-bashing. Homophobia will not be tolerated in any shape, way or form whatsoever.

3. Het Only: This comm is only for recs regarding het fanfiction (male/female pairings). No slash, and no threesomes/moresomes. (Unless it's background and a het pairing is primary.) No gen. RPF allowed.

4. Anyone Can Rec: You do not need to ask for posting rights.

5. LJ-cut: If you wind up posting more than 2 fic recs of the same fandom in a row, submit them in the same post and place them behind an lj-cut.

6. Avoid Spamming:
→ Limitless recs are welcome via rule #5. Just use LJ-cuts in your posts!
→ Try not to put up three or more posts all in a row. It spams flist pages!
→ If a fic has already been recced here, no need to repeat. Please check the archive before you post, especially if a fic has been around for a while!

7. Don't change our default font, color or size of text: When posting, don't change the text formatting please. Leave our default settings in place. It's jarring to the eyes to have random tiny text, big text, colorful text, etc. All non-conforming posts will be deleted.

8. Warnings For Fics: If the fic has character death, sex, rape (including non-con and dub-con), torture, hardcore kinks, incest, etc., then please warn explicitly for them. Some authors don't warn for that type of stuff, but we would like this comm to cater to warnings as best they can. (Also, if you see a rec here that is not properly labeled with warnings, please feel free to contact one of the mods and we'll see to the issue. Thank you for your cooperation.)

9. Tagging: Reccers are encouraged to tag their own fic recs by inserting available tags for fandom and pairing. (All pairing tags are listed by female names first, and all names are listed as known [First Name-Last Name]. The only exception is for Japanese fandoms where normal anime conventions rule of listing the Last Name first.) Only mods can create new tags.

10. Memories and Mirror Communities: Memories are no longer updated as of October 20, 2012. There's a Dreamwidth mirror comm at [community profile] het_reccers, although recs are not automatically cross-posted with the LJ community. Our Tumblr mirror was created in October of 2014.

Subject line:
If there's only one rec in the post, then title it "Title by Author (Rating)."
If there's more than one rec in the post, then you can do "Fandom, # of recs, pairing."

Fandom: Fandom
Pairing: Female First/Male Second (No abbreviations please! First and last names both!)
Title: Title
Author: Author name
Link: Address
Rating/Warning(s): Character death, Sex, Language, Violence, etc.
Word Count/WIP?: Length of the fic; please note if it's a work in progress
Recced on LiveJournal By: Reccer's name

Why This Must Be Read: Sell your rec! Tell us why we need to click the link.

Just c/p this into your post and fill in the fields*:

*(Please note, this will only work on a HTML format, not a rich text. Here is FAQs about HTML/Rich Text)

In addition to any recs you wish to post at any time, the comm will have additional rec challenges issued by the mod. We will select a new fandom/genre/category every month, encouraging our members to rec that specific theme in any het pairing they choose. If you have a suggestion for a challenge, please go here and drop a note.


This community has an ongoing manifesto challenge. If you have a ship, character, or fandom that you want to share with the world, tell us what and why and throw some recs our way! If you'd like to write your own manifesto, check out our guidelines here.

Here is the master list of manifestos already posted to the community.


Think you can do 20 recs in at least 5 different fandoms in one month? (Although more recs and more diversity is always, always appreciated here.) We have one special reccer every month that takes on this challenge. Sign ups here.


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