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Too Much by bisexualiriswest (T)

Dear mods, can we have a tag for The Flash and Iris West/Barry Allen?

Challenge: 152
Category: tumblr fics

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Iris West/Barry Allen
Title: Too Much
Author: bisexualiriswest
Rating/Warning(s): T. Post 2x06 "Enter Zoom".
Word Count/WIP?: 767. Complete.
Recced By: devon380black

Why This Must Be Read: The missing scene in episode 2x06 (Enter Zoom). "Too Much" gives us Iris' perspective in the aftermath of Barry's defeat. Terror, anxiety, and worry are just some of the feelings explored in this fanfic which is written with a perfectly in character Iris West. The author highlights Barry's importance in Iris' life and echoes Iris' desperation when Barry was brought to the hospital after the particle accelerator accident.
Tags: fandom: the flash, ship: iris west/barry allen

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