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Katherine Joy Summers

Mod Post: Trope Bingo Check In!


This month's Trope Bingo game has been a blast—we've had so many recs from new fandoms and old favorites, posted by longtime members and newcomers alike, and that's exactly the point of this anniversary celebration! Thanks so much to everyone who participated, as well as to all of our year-round reccers and readers.

For those reccers who successfully completed BINGO (five spaces in a row, column, or diagonal on your personal card) by October 31 in your time zone, please let us know that you've done it by sending us the following information by November 5 in your time zone. Just copy/paste the template below and fill in your information! LiveJournal users can comment on this post; Tumblr users can send us a message.

A few quick notes:

  • If you're having trouble finding your rec posts, go to http://het-reccers.livejournal.com/?poster=[your username] or http://het-reccers.tumblr.com/search/[your username]!

  • If you check in on a different website than you used to sign up or your username is otherwise different than it was a month ago, please clarify what username you used to sign up.

  • If you'd like us to contact you through LJ's, DW's, or Tumblr's private messaging systems, please make sure your inbox/askbox is open.

  • If you completed more than one bingo, you're eligible for multiple entries into our prize drawing (although only one prize will be awarded per person)! Just copy/paste the template twice (or more) into your check-in. Remember that you can use one square/fic rec for multiple lines of bingo, but you may not use one fic rec for multiple squares.

Once we've heard from all of our bingo winners, we'll do a drawing and notify the five prize winners. From there, you'll receive instructions for how to submit your requests for getting the podfic of your choice (please make sure you're able to receive emails from het.reccers@gmail.com)!
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