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“Love Will Come Through” by monroeslittle (M)

Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Clarke Griffin/Bellamy Blake
Title: Love Will Come Through
Author: monroeslittle
Rating/Warning(s): M; warning for an attempted rape and its aftermath
Word Count/WIP?: 55k, complete
Recced on LiveJournal By: blithers

Trope: Arranged Marriage

Why This Must Be Read: I don’t read a lot in The 100 fandom, but I stumbled onto this story and loved it. This fic is a canon divergent AU, where two separate groups came down from the Ark, so that, in an effort to build bridges, Clarke (from the Ark group) ends up in an arranged marriage with Bellamy (from the Ship group), who she has never met. It’s such a slow, thoughtful building of a relationship between two strangers, which gradually develops over time, and is all the more romantic because of the care the author takes. The world building around the AU scenario (and the people and politics surrounding Clarke and Bellamy) is fantastic and immersive as well. This story is a long, captivating read, the type of story that absolutely sells you on the ship at its center.
Tags: fandom: the 100, ship: clarke griffin/bellamy blake

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