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Mod Post: Happy Birthday, Het Reccers!

Het Reccers was created on LJ on October 13th, 2008, which means the community turns 7 years old today!

Het Reccers is now found on three different platforms: LiveJournal (where we have over 1700 people watching the comm), Tumblr (over 200 followers), and Dreamwidth (where over 100 people subscribe). We have over 3,700 posts in the Livejournal community, representing an archive of literally thousands and thousands of fic recs. We have recs in 600 fandoms, for over 1,600 different ships. We also host approximately 200 manifestos, for a huge variety of different fandoms, ships, and characters.

This community has gone through changes over the years: Founded by irony_rocks in 2008, it was modded on LJ for many years by the dream team of IR, hariboo, and peanutbutterer. When the Dreamwidth comm was created, we gained two more mods on DW—wendelah1 and tree—and last year the original modding torch was passed to stars_inthe_sky and blithers, who serve as the current mods on LiveJournal and Tumblr.

We span community members who have been around since the start, and people who have just discovered het_reccers. A huge thank you to our regular reccers, our special reccers, to the people who post when they find a gem to share, the one-time reccers, the lurkers—everybody here makes this community what it is today. And thank you to the kind, anonymous souls who have contributed paid account status to the LJ comm over the years, allowing us to maintain our freakishly large collection of tags. THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY!

Raise a glass, everybody—here’s to many more years of fantastic recs!
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