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01 October 2015 @ 07:21 am
Challenge 151: TROPE BINGO  
In addition to any recs you wish to post at any time, the comm has monthly rec challenges issued by the mods.

Challenge 151:

Category: Anniversary Trope Bingo
Deadline: November 1
Challenge: To celebrate het-reccers’s anniversary, we’re kicking off a month of TROPE BINGO! Comment on this post (on LJ) or send us an ask (on Tumblr) to receive your bingo card, then post tropey recs based on your squares—five in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row gets you bingo, and each bingo (up to five) gets you an entry into our prize drawing. Any and all pairings are welcome; your bingo squares can be from as many or as few fandoms as you like. Reccing more than one fic rec per bingo square is allowed (and encouraged!), and you can complete your bingo row in just one post or a series of them. As always, be sure to check the tags for your fandom and ship and try to avoid reccing any fics that have been previously posted to the comm.

At the end of the month, 5 winners will receive a podfic of their choice, and the whole community will get to enjoy awesome recs with all your favorite fanfiction tropes, from sharing-a-bed to road-tripping to your-OTP-in-the-apocalypse!

As always, to post a rec on Tumblr, follow the simple directions on our submit page.

To post a rec on LiveJournal, you don’t need to ask for posting rights—just become a community member, copy/paste the text below, and post it as a new entry!

Syd15syd15 on October 4th, 2015 10:58 pm (UTC)
For mind games... something related to brainwashing okay? I'm not quite clear on that one!

And first time(s)... can be ANY type of firsts, right? (My first thought when I read it was that you were asking for characters having sex for the first time then my mond came out of the gutter and I thought, maybe smit isn't required...

And the I'm at a complete loss for nonhuman lovers, what like animals? or cartoons? I just, I have no idea what this means. Ohhhh wait, Aliens?
Katherine Joy Summers: Twirlstars_inthe_sky on October 5th, 2015 12:27 am (UTC)
Mind games: anything involving someone's head getting messed with is valid.

First time: anything! I think this trope tends to be used for sec purposes (and that's my first reaction, too!) but any "first" for the couple is cool.

Nonhuman lovers: anything where at least one (or both) of the people involved isn't human. This can be a canonical situation, like how in Doctor Who the title character is an alien, or it can be an AU where one or more characters is an alien, vampire, angelic creature, etc. I think the prompt is meant more for humanoid nonhumans than, like, bestiality.

Hope that answers all of your questions!
Syd15: Farscape - John&Aeryn . Little Heartsyd15 on October 5th, 2015 04:39 pm (UTC)
Yes, yes it does, thank you!