Alice Ayres (eevilalice) wrote in het_reccers,
Alice Ayres

Various Asian Fandoms, 2 recs, Various Pairings

[special recs 19-20]

Fandom: Samurai Champloo
Pairing: Kasumi Fuu/Jin
Title: Grace
Author: Amaiko
Rating/Warning(s): T
Word Count/WIP?: 3,630
Recced on LiveJournal By: eevilalice

Why This Must Be Read: I'm usually more of a trio or Mugen/Fuu shipper, but I still love Jin, and you can't beat a fic that involves Fuu washing that gorgeous mane of hair.

Fandom: Shut Up Flower Boy Band
Pairing: Bang Woo Kyung/Jang Do Il, Bang Woo Kyung/Kwon Ji Hyuk, Im Soo Ah/Kwon Ji Hyuk
Title: do not choose sides yet
Author: youcallitwinter
Rating/Warning(s): Teen
Word Count/WIP?: 1187
Recced on LiveJournal By: eevilalice

Why This Must Be Read: Second person is tricky, but it works wonderfully here as Woo Kyung comes to terms with her feelings for Ji Hyuk (and his unresponsiveness) and evolves. Lovely writing overall.

It's been fun, ya'll! *goes back to hoarding recs*

Tags for Shut Up Flower Boy Band and ships, please!
Tags: fandom: samurai champloo, fandom: shut up flower boy band, ship: bang woo kyung/jang do il, ship: bang woo kyung/kwon ji hyuk, ship: im soo ah/kwon ji hyuk, ship: kasumi fuu/jin, special reccer: eevilalice

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