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13 August 2015 @ 07:39 pm
“Speak Low” by innie (M)  
Fandom: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
Pairing: Rosie Robinson/Jack Robinson, Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson
Title: Speak Low
Author: innie
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2472254
Rating/Warning(s): M
Word Count/WIP?: 22k, complete
Recced on LiveJournal By: blithers

Why This Must Be Read: This fic is a long, lovely character exploration of Jack through the lens of three relationships in his life (with his wife Rosie, with Phryne, and with his sister, an original character in this story). I was a beta reader for this story, but I don’t think I’m biased in the least - this fic is steeped in a strong sense of history and place, and tells an intricate story of Jack throughout the years, exploring Jack and Rosie’s relationship with a very sympathetic eye, and how that informs who is he with Phryne.

The take on Jack here is, I think, a more unusual one than we often see in fic - Jack’s relationship with Rosie is one of best friends who are not romantically compatible, leading Jack to think he’s something like asexual when he’s actually what we might call demisexual today - and it’s an fascinating interpretation of his character, explored sensitively and never with too heavy a hand in a period setting. And as Phyrne and Jack do find each other - it’s gorgeous, and everything that’s right in the world.