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Stepsibling AU by jaegermighty (PG-13)

Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: Felicity Smoak/Oliver Queen
Title: Stepsibling AU
Author: jaegermighty
Link: on AO3; on Tumblr
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Word Count/WIP?: I’m not sure - 10k, maybe? Complete as a collection of shorter stories.
Recced on Livejournal By: blithers

Why This Must Be Read: This isn’t a single story - rather it’s a series of connected drabbles spanning an AU universe where Felicity’s mother was briefly married to Oliver’s father, pre-island, making Felicity and Oliver (and Thea!) all stepsiblings when they first met. The timeline jumps around and covers everything from the time when they knew each other in high school to current-day, Oliver-as-the-Arrow shenanigans. And it's fantastic, giving all the relationships in the Arrow universe a new twist and a deeper, interconnected sense of history.

This is the kind of collaborative, rambling world building that Tumblr was made for: while the more substantial pieces of writing are archived (in roughly chronological order, story-wise - they’re all the chapters titled “stepsibling x”) in jaegermighty’s drabbles collection at the AO3 link, definitely check out jaegermighty’s tumblr tag for additional AU goodness/images/headcanons/worldbuilding.
Tags: fandom: arrow, ship: felicity smoak/oliver queen

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