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Mod Post: July into August

Please welcome our special reccer for August, honor_reid!

In other community news, we had two big mod announcements this month: we now welcome posting via Tumblr (here's our submit page!), and we made some adjustments to our manifesto rules to make it easier for anybody writing a manifesto.

And finally (drum roll please), the SIX fandoms that won our August reccing challenge are:

August 1 - 6: Arrow
August 6 - 11: Mad Max
August 11 - 16: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
August 16 - 21: Sense8
August 21 - 26: Star Wars
August 26 - 31: X-Men

Yes, that's right, six! We ended up with a four-way tie for 3rd place in the voting, so rather than randomly exclude some of the fandoms to fit everything into a final four, we decided to give each fandom 5 days instead of a week and squeeze all six in. That means August is going to be even more of a whirlwind—we need you to post your recs (and consider writing a manifesto for your fandom, ship, or favorite character—remember, we no longer have a 10 rec requirement for manifestos) to make this a success!

The first challenge post will go up tomorrow for Arrow. And as always, we are an open reccing community: no matter what else is going on, we encourage everybody to post any recs you want to, at any time!

Get your recs ready!
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