Katherine Joy Summers (stars_inthe_sky) wrote in het_reccers,
Katherine Joy Summers

Submit your recs on Tumblr!

Good news, everyone!

We listened to your feedback on the State of the Comm post earlier this year, and we're thrilled to announce that het-reccers will now officially accept submissions via Tumblr! Just head over to het-reccers.tumblr.com/submit and share your recs—it's the same simple template that you're used to, now on the new platform as well as the old one.

If you prefer to access the community through LiveJournal, never fear—het-reccers will look and operate the same as always for you, and that platform will continue to serve as our complete, searchable archive. The only difference you'll notice is more recs, which will appear as posts by LiveJournal het_recs_tumblr. (See here for an example.)

And if Tumblr is your preferred platform, we're psyched to give you the opportunity to share your favorite fics with this community! Guidelines for posting are on the Submit page, and both mods are available on either website to answer questions. (In addition, we've opened our Tumblr ask box and are happy to respond privately to any messages!)

We'll also accept Special Monthly Reccer sign-up through Tumblr, so drop us an ask if you're interested. And yes, you can submit manifestos via Tumblr, too; just use the same formatting guidelines. LiveJournal will continue to serve as the community's home base—that's where we'll keep our manifesto masterlist and special reccer schedule updated, for instance—but we want members from both platforms to be able to participate in the community in full.

A few caveats to the new and improved set-up:

  • You can help us help you (and this whole cross-posting enterprise!) by sticking to the formatting guidelines. The Recced on Tumblr/LiveJournal By field is essential to ensuring that posts get automatically mirrored but not duplicated, so please please please include that field in full at least once in all of your posts—it also ensures that you get credit for your recs, regardless of platform! By the same token, we'd appreciate your tagging submissions with all of the recommended tags on Tumblr.

  • The mods will have to manually tag all posts incoming from Tumblr to LiveJournal for archiving and searching purposes. While we plan to add these tags as soon as possible, of course, please bear with us if that doesn't happen immediately.

  • Our cross-posting system (a medley of IFTTT, FeedRinse, post-by-email, and RSS feed witchcraft) tends to mess up some rich-text formatting. This only affects the mirrored post, not the original. Your mods are working to fix this, and we'll of course correct any errors as quickly as we can. (Incidentally, if any of our members are familiar with these tools and would like to help us resolve theses issues before the arise, please let us know!)

Okay, we've given you the tools—rec away!
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