z_publicizes (z_publicizes) wrote in het_reccers,

"The Arrangement" by katiac (R)

Fandom: The Americans
Pairing: Elizabeth Jennings/Phillip Jennings
Title: The Arrangment
Author: katiac
Link: The Arrangement Chapter 1: Pilot, an americans fanfic | FanFiction
Rating: R
Word count/WiP: 143,809/ complete
Recced by: Z_Publicizes

Why this must be read: An exploration of Philip and Elizabeth from their earliest days together as partners, the formation of their family, through the tumultuous events of season one. This novel length fic manages the tricky feat of making a series of flashbacks and missing scenes flow together as a coherent narrative, maintaining suspense through it's fresh insights into Philip's and Elizabeth's psyches.
Tags: fandom: the americans, ship: elizabeth jennings/phillip jenning

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