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For I Have Stolen the Moon and Must Be Made to Pay For It by randomrattle, (NC-17)

Fandom Category: In Plain Sight
Pairing: Mary Shannon/Marshall Mann
Fic Title: For I Have Stolen the Moon and Must Be Made to Pay For It
Author: randomrattle
Link: http://randomrattle27.freeservers.com/M2-FIHSTMAMBMTPFI.html
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17, violence and sex.
Genre: Crack, supernatural, crossover, romance, smut.
WIP?: Story is complete.

Why This Must Be Read: I am really kind of glad that the 'crack' challenge came up so I could rec this story. This is... very au. Very, very au. It also has Horatio Caine as a vampire which is just twelve kinds of genius. It's also incredibly readable in the ways of the best kind of crack. Mary and Marshall are the same and different all at once. That being said, the author did a great job of universe building here and it's worth a read for that alone. (And not just the Crazy Awesome.)
Tags: fandom: in plain sight, ship: mary shannon/marshall mann

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