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The Avengers, 10 recs, Natasha Romanov/Steve Rogers

Continuing with my fashionably late responses to the April request challenge that also fit the Marvel challenge, ozqueen requested Natasha/Steve.

Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Natasha Romanov/Steve Rogers
Title: Natalie, Natalya, Natasha
Author: wintergrey
Rating/Warning(s): M
Word Count/WIP?: 6176/No
Recced By: super_tricie341 (LJ) | blackestglass (tumblr)

Why This Must Be Read: A 1940s AU where Natasha, who's currently learning how to assimilate into American culture, is talked into being Steve's date on a double date with Bucky and one of her fellow waitresses. This story is STUNNING. I love the way Natasha instantly sees Steve's goodness and worth, the way she's so gentle with him, and even though she's living a lie, she does her best to be as open and honest with him as possible, and it's clearly the most emotionally vulnerable and raw she's ever been with anyone ever. And Steve is just perfect in this story. Inexperienced and self-deprecating, but unexpectedly bold and unfailingly respectful of Natasha's boundaries and privacy. This was bittersweet and lovely and I enjoyed it so much.

Title: Fairy Tale Life
Author: Miko
Rating/Warning(s): E
Word Count/WIP?: 32,332/No
Recced By: super_tricie341 (LJ) | blackestglass (tumblr)

Why This Must Be Read: Natasha recruits Steve into going undercover with her as a newlywed couple when she suspects a corporation near a Seattle suburb is actually a HYDRA corporation. But is backup really all she's after? I love me some tropes and this was a nice, meaty read with FEELINGS, and ANGST, and FLUFF, and ROMANCE, and SCORCHING HOT SMUT, AND AND AND. I like that the author allows both characters to be complicated and flawed, while never losing sight of the best and most heroic parts of them.

Title: these thrills ain't as cheap as they used to be
Author: redbrunja
Rating/Warning(s): E. Background F/F
Word Count/WIP?: 5264/No
Recced By: super_tricie341 (LJ) | blackestglass (tumblr)

Why This Must Be Read: Maria sends Natasha and Steve on a milk run together. Inexplicably, the hotel they're staying at only has one room and one bed... SPEAKING OF TROPES, I will never say no to "being forced to share a bed." That is my jam. This was a fun read, with a nice balance of action, comedy, and athletic, hotel room trashing, BED BREAKING smut.

Title: My Love For You Was Logic Drowned
Author: blue_sweater
Rating/Warning(s): E
Word Count/WIP?: 2834/No
Recced By: super_tricie341 (LJ) | blackestglass (tumblr)

Why This Must Be Read: Continuing in the vein of trope-y recs, have some soulmark/soulmate fic!!! I like that even though they're soulmates, the path to an actual relationship isn't easy, and the author makes sure to explore the conflicts that might arise and allow the characters to find a way to compromise and forgive each other.

Title: First Duty
Author: SaraNoH
Rating/Warning(s): T
Word Count/WIP?: 22,618/Yes. There are also various one-shots and multichaptered stories (some not centered on Steve/Nat), in this series
Recced By: super_tricie341 (LJ) | blackestglass (tumblr)

Why This Must Be Read: This is the latest offering in the Nadiaverse series. I've recced the story that began it, Wishes and Nightmares, before, so you should probably make sure you read that story first at least. I will never, ever, EVER be over Steve as a dad, and there is plenty of daddy-daughter cuteness in this story. But the specter of Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier finally rears its head in this universe, and Steve and Natasha's relationship is seriously tested. Ughhhhh, my feelings. If you want family fluff and also to expire of angst, this is the story for you.

Title: Ah Baby (This Blows 'Em All Away)
Author: geckoholic
Rating/Warning(s): E
Word Count/WIP?: 4226/No
Recced By: super_tricie341 (LJ) | blackestglass (tumblr)

Why This Must Be Read: Clint is a good bro and gives Natasha the nudge she needs to offer Steve some friendly no-strings-attached sex. I mentioned in my last Nat/Steve rec post that the Nat/Steve fandom has collectively decided that Steve likes nothing more than going down on Natasha, and I am delighted to inform you that that holds true in this story as well. This was a delicious PWP and I enjoyed not-a-virgin!Steve who manages to be vulnerable and insanely respectful in bed, while also flexing some unexpected moves of his own.

Title: The To-Do List
Author: ipoiledi
Rating/Warning(s): E. Mentions of past Steve/Bucky
Word Count/WIP?: 4088/No
Recced By: super_tricie341 (LJ) | blackestglass (tumblr)

Why This Must Be Read: Continuing with the friends with benefits PWP recs, featuring bisexual!half-a-virgin!Steve Rogers. Basically, my brain dribbled out of my ears, and I was left utterly incoherent after reading this because HOLY HOTNESS, NO SERIOUSLY THIS WAS THE HOTTEST FUCKING THING, LORD HAVE MERCY. I love how much Steve and Nat adore each other even if they're not in love with each other and just...MY BABIES.


Title: Like the Air We Breathe (I Need You)
Author: InitialA
Rating/Warning(s): G, mentions of Bruce/Natasha
Word Count/WIP?: 2076/No
Recced By: super_tricie341 (LJ) | blackestglass (tumblr)

Why This Must Be Read: If you are a Steve/Nat shipper who watched AoU and felt like the Steve/Nat dynamic was WAY OFF at times, this is an excellent missing scene fix-it fic. I felt like it did a great job massaging the weird movie characterizations so that the characters are recognizable again and just...*wibbles* oh my babies.

Title: know your devil and your deeds
Author: victoria_p (musesfool)
Rating/Warning(s): G. Bisexual Steve Rogers, references to past Steve/Bucky
Word Count/WIP?: 1735/No
Recced By: super_tricie341 (LJ) | blackestglass (tumblr)

Why This Must Be Read: I'm going to be honest: this entire post was an excuse to rec this story. Set post-AoU, this is a gorgeous story about moving on and does so right by Natasha. But really, it's the last thing Steve says to Natasha that STRAIGHT UP MURDERED ME WITH THE FEELS, JUST PIERCED ME IN MY TENDER GIRLISH HEART LIKE A FUCKING ARROW BECAUSE IT IS SO PERFECT AND RIGHT AND STEVE COMPLETELY GETS HER AND JUST LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE, GO ON WITHOUT ME *SOB* Read this, you won't regret it.

Title: Untitled tumblr prompt
Author: victoria_p (musesfool), but posted on her tumblr where she's cacchieressa
Rating/Warning(s): G
Word Count/WIP?: No clue what the exact word count is, but it's a short and sweet tumblr prompt.
Recced By: super_tricie341 (LJ) | blackestglass (tumblr)

Why This Must Be Read: Ok, I'm biased because I was TOTALLY the one to prompt this, but this is a lovely morsel of a fic about Steve teaching Natasha how to use his shield because that was one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE things about the movie. That final image of them standing under his shield and kissing is something I need immortalized in fanart STAT.
Tags: fandom: avengers, ship: natasha romanoff/steve rogers

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