Isla (miss_izzles) wrote in het_reccers,

Just Love Me When You Can by coconut16 (pg15)

Fandom Category:  Gossip Girl
Pairing:  Blair Waldorf/Chuck Bass and Serena van der Woodsen/Nate Archibald  (with Blair/Nate and Serena/Chuck)
Fic Title:  Just Love Me When You Can
Author:  coconut16
Rating/Warning(s):  T (pg-15)
Genre:  Angst/General 
WIP?:  Complete - oneshot
Summary:  Chuck and Serena watch the evolution of Nate and Blair's perfect fairytale from sophomore year and beyond. "Wouldn't it just be so convenient if we could fall in love?"

Why This Must Be Read:  I have literally just finished reading this and I honestly don't know if I can put my love for it into words.  Well written piece that explores the different relationships of the four characters and their group as they grow older.  Lovely writing style, deeply emotional and with a good, interesting and believable plot. 
Tags: fandom: gossip girl, ship: blair waldorf/chuck bass, ship: serena van der woodsen/nate archib

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