kalisgirl (kalisgirl) wrote in het_reccers,

"Suppose I Suddenly Screamed" by ssstrychnine, R

Fandom:The Hunger Games
Pairing:Effie Trinket / Haymitch Abernathy
Title:Suppose I Suddenly Screamed
Link: here @ AO3
Rating/Warning(s):R (implied past torture and non-con, per canon)
Word Count/WIP?:4,544 /no
Special Rec:12 of 30

Why This Must Be Read:Effie and Haymitch are classic for the enemies to somethingtrope, which is one I love. In this story we see an incredible look inside Effie, becoming more than surfaces, falling in love (or need), and fighting, always fighting. Raw and harsh and amazing.

Mods, could I have anEffie Trinket / Haymitch Abernathy tag?

Tags: fandom: hunger games, ship: effie trinket/haymitch abernathy, special reccer: kalisgirl

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