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Happenstance by Abby B (R)

Posted for the slow burn request by lanalucy.

Fandom Category: Pride and Prejudice
Pairing: Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy
Fic Title: Happenstance
Author: Abby B
Rating/Warning(s): R/none
Word Count/WIP?: complete at 26 chapters, 186,956 words
Recced By: slr2moons

author's summary: Elizabeth Bennet believed the world had genuinely gone mad. As she frantically paced the grounds immediately surrounding Longbourn, she realized that all the judiciousness that she thought existed in her universe seemed to have vanished, and the result was pandemonium. Suddenly, she recognized that her previous ordered existence--truly little more than merely a facade--had all began to go horribly wrong three days ago, yet, to Elizabeth, the recklessness that had resulted felt as if it had been ever-present.

Why This Must Be Read: Mr Darcy! Such scandalous behavior!! *gasp* Witnessing the fallout of his and Elizabeth's social faux pas and eventual understanding and love in this fic is really something. The first section of is written in Jane Austen's style to a fault. Be sure to read through to the second page, where the author finds the balance between modern English and Regency English. The fic does address the other two important relationships in the book, it isn't just a Darcy/Elizabeth story. BTW, I hope you like pink. ^^
Tags: fandom: pride and prejudice, ship: elizabeth bennet/fitzwilliam darcy

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