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Three multifandom recs

Fandom: Eleanor & Park
Pairing: Eleanor Douglas/Park Sheridan
Title: Nothing Ever Ends, or Five Times Eleanor & Park Argued (Happily Ever After
Author: femmenerd
Rating/Warning(s): M.
Word Count/WIP?: 2,890. Complete
Recced By: shallowness

Why This Must Be Read: This is lovely and a plausible ‘what happened next’ (although I'm biased in wanting a HEA for them, but who wouldn’t be after everything that happened?).

Fandom: New Year’s Eve
Pairing: Ingrid/Paul
Title: Do You See What I See?
Author: kalisgirl

Rating/Warning(s): General Audiences. No.
Word Count/WIP?: 2,231. Complete
Recced By: shallowness

Why This Must Be Read: Written for this year’s Yuletide, I’ll quote the author’s notes: These two adorable fools are the best part of the movie an all I wanted after I watched it was for them to be happy together in their May/December romance.

And it is a happy-making fic.

Fandom: Only Lovers Left Alive
Pairing: Eve/Adam
Title: For the Moment
Author: lexigent

Rating/Warning(s): Teen. None
Word Count/WIP?: 1,406. Complete.
Recced By: shallowness

Why This Must Be Read: The summary is AU: Human, present-day Adam and Eve meet for the first time. He's playing music, she's listening. I found this intriguing, although that was partly because I wondered how it could all work without the vampirism. Well, this captures their different intensities and personalities irresistibly.

Mods, would it please be possible to arrange for fandom/ship tags?
Tags: fandom: eleanor & park, fandom: new year's eve, fandom: only lovers left alive, ship: eleanor douglas/park sheridan, ship: eve/adam, ship: ingrid/paul

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