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The Guild, 4 recs, Codex/Fawkes

Special Recs 04-07
Fandom: The Guild
Pairing: Codex/Fawkes

Title: Of Pancakes and Kilt Thievery
Author: tashlae
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/63590
Rating/Warning(s): M for sexy times
Word Count/WIP?: 1658 / no

Why This Must Be Read: Back when Codex/Fawks first happened there was a flurry of “Morning After” fics, and this one presents Codex in all her anxious glory.

Title: The Art of Fawkes
Author: kaitou_lili
Link: http://codexfawkes.livejournal.com/40118.html
Rating/Warning(s): Gen
Word Count/WIP?: 1482

Why This Must Be Read: Fawkes as such a multi-sided character and this story shows us the master being played, with Codex not even knowing it.

Title: Unlaced
Author: andromeda3116
Link: http://codexfawkes.livejournal.com/35363.html
Rating/Warning(s): T for innuendo and some cursing
Word Count/WIP?: 2968 / No

Why This Must Be Read: Codex can be pretty awesome when she doesn't have time to think, and this story gives us a really awesome Codex.

Title: As Others See Us
Author: ancarett
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/146618
Rating/Warning(s): Teen (but if it was my fic I'd give it a PG)
Word Count/WIP?: 1820 / no

Why This Must Be Read: Because sometimes you just want fluff.
Tags: fandom: the guild, ship: codex/fawkes, special reccer: n_e_star

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