Katherine Joy Summers (stars_inthe_sky) wrote in het_reccers,
Katherine Joy Summers

Modly notes for March

It's been a busy February! And, as March comes in like a lion, we wanted to make sure a few ongoing challenges didn't get lost in the going-out-like-a-lamb shuffle.

First off, the self-rec challenge ends at the end of the month. Unlike with most challenges, where we encourage you to post relevant recs whenever, this community will return to its default of not allowing self-reccing once February ends. Though self-rec posts will not be allowed in the future, we encourage you to promote your work elsewhere so readers can come back and rec it!

Second: The icon/banner challenge is still ongoing—please go nominate your favorite graphics and couples! We're looking for a diverse array of icons by any and every measure, and this is your chance to make sure your OTPs and your beautiful graphics are displayed for everyone to admire.

Finally, the community manifesto challenge is now a perpetual one, so you can post your manifestos (ship, character, and/or fandom) anytime you like! We haven't had any new ones in February, so whether you've been stuck on something new, adoring something old, or just want to encourage more people to read the things you love, now's the time to share.

Thanks for all your great recs—and keep 'em coming!

Your mods, stars-inthe-sky and blithers
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