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The Thief of Time by Tink Wolfe (M/R)

Fandom Category: Harry Potter
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Sirius Black
Fic Title: The Thief of Time
Author: Tink Wolfe
Rating/Warning(s): Mature ( rating)/R
Genre: Alternate Universe, Romance, Drama
WIP?: Yes

Why This Must Be Read: The 'Do-Over' genre is a niche that can be found in just about any fandom, and what a large niche it is. Nonetheless, there are a few stories that turn out to be true gems, and Tink Wolfe's story is certainly one of them.

Beginning post-DH, Harry discovers something Albus Dumbledore left behind for Hermione, should the worst happen at the height of the Second Wizarding War. Harry's subsequent actions send Hermione flying back in time to the early 1970s, just as Lily Evans, James Potter, Sirius Black, and all those of that famous generation are set to begin their studies at Hogwarts. Knowing she's stuck for good, Hermione settles down to basically live her life over again -- and enjoy herself a bit while she does and while she can.

However, despite her intentions to affect as little as possible, Hermione's mere presence begins to change things and the people around her, most obviously, Sirius.

An outstanding, excellently-written story. The Wizarding world is richly brought to life, and Hermione is brilliantly-portrayed -- she makes the hard decisions when she has to, though she finds little joy in the harsher aspects of it all.

A joy to read.
Tags: fandom: harry potter, ship: hermione granger/sirius black

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