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Self Rec: don't you know i showed you my neck, just to see if you would kill? by redbrunja

Fandom: Blade: Trinity
Pairing: Abigail Whistler/Hannibal King
Title: don't you know i showed you my neck, just to see if you would kill?
Author: redbrunja
Link: HERE
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit
Word Count/WIP?: complete
Recced By: Me!

Why This Must Be Read: Sex and violence and death are naturally tied together in pretty much any kind of vampire fiction worth spending time with, and the Blade movies clearly take that theme and run with it. In this fic, I continued some of the delicious sex/death/violence themes with the two hottest characters in that movie (Abigail and King) who have a fantastic reserved queen/snarky lionheart dynamic. Then, there's 'using sex to kill emotional pain' and finally, a wee bit of 'found family' and 'life in the aftermath.' Basically, there are a lot of tropes happening in this fic.


(FYI, this is from a nightmare sequence.)

"I brought you a snack, lover," Danica will purr, while Abby digs her feet futilely into the floor, until she's close enough for King to grab her, to pull her down to him. And he can't tell himself that it's the thirst winning, not when he moves slow enough to see fear and betrayal bloom in Abby's eyes. She'll end up under him, legs around his waist, and he can't tell if she's trying to buck him off or pull him closer. Either way, she'll be grinding against him, sparks of lust bursting from his crouch all the way up his spine. He'll have one hand tangled in her hair, and he'll use it to wrench her head back, pulling her neck into a delectable arc.
Tags: fandom: blade trinity, ship: abigail whistler/hannibal king

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