seren_ccd (seren_ccd) wrote in het_reccers,

Self-rec: Inspector Lewis (ITV)

Fandom: Lewis (Inspector Lewis)
Pairing: Liv Nash/James Hathaway
Title: The Garden of Live Flowers
Author: seren_ccd
Rating/Warning(s): Gen
Word Count/WIP?: 2439
Recced By: Me!

Why This Must Be Read: This was the year that I wrote a few pre-ship fics and I'm reccing this one of mine because I simply enjoyed writing it. I liked exploring a possible what-if with a character that was only in one episode and the 'dishy' Sergeant Hathaway. The episode Liv was in led to one of the most delightful moments in Lewis (I will happily watch James Hathaway bow to ladies ALL DAY).

I enjoy writing fics that hint at all the possibilities and leave the reader feeling relaxed and warm and I hope that comes through in this fic.

*Mods, I need a tag for Liv Nash/James Hathaway, please! Thank you!
Tags: fandom: lewis, ship: liv nash/james hathaway

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