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Two Self-Recs: The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter

Fandom Category: The Lord of the Rings
Pairing: Legolas/Eowyn
Fic Title: The White Ladies of Eryn Carantaur
Author: ningloreth
Link: at AO3 | at my website
Rating/Warning(s): R (for threat)
Word Count/WIP?: 27,394; complete
Recced By: self ;-)
Why This Must Be Read: Legolas and Eowyn buy a gypsy caravan and head for Rohan disguised as pedlars to solve a supernatural murder mystery. The story's part of a long series of Legolas/Eowyn fics in which the couple investigate various mysterious goings-on, but it was written for a fest so it starts with a brief Prologue that introduces the setup. Legolas/Eowyn is a rare pairing but, to me, it's a match of equals -- two warriors -- and I love exploring their relationship. Eowyn is Legolas' Achilles heel; he is constantly fighting his desire to protect her, but he respects her enough to allow her to make her own decisions and to stand by her when she faces the consequences; Eowyn rescues Legolas at least as often as she is rescued by him.
Additional warning: The story is set in an AU somewhere between book!verse, movie!verse and borrowings from history, but the characters are based on Orlando Bloom's Legolas and Miranda Otto's Eowyn.

Fandom Category: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger
Fic Title: The Price of Victory
Author: ningloreth
Link: at AO3
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17/Explicit
Word Count/WIP?: 8248; complete
Recced By: self ;-)
Why This Must Be Read: Voldemort has won the war and his 'Shadows' (Dark Aurors) are terrorising the Muggle and Wizarding worlds like a magical Gestapo. Hermione, separated from the remnants of the Order, has been reduced to working as a prostitute in the ruins of King's Cross Station. One night, Draco Malfoy seeks her out. How far dare she trust him? I enjoy writing Voldemort-wins AUs and when I was writing this one (which was inspired by a combination of George Orwell's 1984, Sophia McDougall’s Romanitas, and occupied Belgium as shown in the BBC TV Series, Secret Army) it felt absolutely real to me. I hope it provides a suitably dramatic backdrop to Draco and Hermione's story.
Tags: fandom: harry potter, fandom: lord of the rings, ship: eowyn/legolas greenleaf, ship: hermione granger/draco malfoy

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