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Self Recs - Battlestar Galactica (A/R) and Downton Abbey (Carson/Hughes)

Fandom Category:Battlestar Galactica 2003
Pairing:Laura Roslin/Bill Adama
Fic Title:War of Independence
Link: Link
Rating/Warning(s):M, Angst
Word Count/WIP?:Complete, 10 chapters, approx 20,000 words
Recced By:Me!

Why This Must Be Read:I'm not sure how I feel about self reccing, but there is a general lack of a/r on this comm, so I thought some people might be swayed to read more of them if I did this! This is an a/u fic, and probably my favourite out of all my multi chapters. Hopefully it shows how easily Bill and Laura can fit into any time and place, despite the show's scifi tag. I hope you enjoy!

Fandom Category:Downton Abbey
Fic Title:Seeds of Love
Link: Link
Rating/Warning(s):T, mild sex references
Word Count/WIP?:Complete, Stand alone, approx 8,700 words
Recced By:Me!

Why This Must Be Read:Thought I'd rec my other fav pairing. It's funny how you just like some of your own fics, and this is one. I wrote this as a birthday gift. I had several prompts to follow, and I think I squeezed them all in! It's A/U, bringing some of the characters into a restaurant setting. Again, enjoy!
Tags: fandom: battlestar galactica, fandom: downton abbey, ship: elsie hughes/charles carson, ship: laura roslin/william adama

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