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22 February 2015 @ 09:54 pm
Self Recs: Veronica Mars & Avengers  
Fandom: Avengers/MCU
Pairing: Tony Stark/Pepper Potts
Title: The Right Thing in the Wrong Way
Author: igrockspock
Link: AO3
Rating/Warning(s): Teen/none
Word Count/WIP?: 4000/complete

Why This Must Be Read: In the first Iron Man movie, Tony tells Pepper that she's the only person he has. We often forget that Pepper tells Tony exactly the same thing. In this fic, I wanted to delve into Pepper's back story to explore why Tony is so important to her, and to demonstrate that even though Tony is a mess, he can still be kind and supportive (even if he goes about it in unorthodox ways). I'm really happy with the characterization on this, and I think the story has a great balance between humor and pathos.

Fandom: Veronica Mars
Pairing: Logan Echolls/Carrie Bishop, Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars
Title: Every Belt That Ever Hit Someone (Is Still Made to Hold Something Up)
Author: igrockspock
Link: AO3
Rating/Warning(s): Mature/canon-typical references to past child abuse
Word Count/WIP?: 15,000/complete

Why This Must Be Read: This story is my love letter to Logan Echolls. He was one of my favorite characters on the show, and after I saw the movie, I really needed to understand how and why he joined the Navy. Characterization is so important to me, and I think this fic does a good job charting Logan's slow recovery from his difficult past. I'm really happy with how Logan's friendships and romantic relationships are portrayed, and even though it covers similar ground to other "nine years" fics, I think the back story I made for him is original enough to be worth reading.
raktajinos: vmarsraktajinos on February 23rd, 2015 06:20 am (UTC)
ooo excited to read the VM one!!
All the letters I can write: Veronica Marswendelah1 on February 24th, 2015 01:52 am (UTC)
I hadn't read the Veronica Mars fic. It was excellent. I could tell you'd done loads of research even though most of it didn't make it into the story. You made his journey from screwed up to war hero believable and moving.