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Nomination Post for New Icons For Our Header

We’re going to update the het-reccers header, and we’d like everybody to help us out choosing the icons, ships, and fandoms we’ll use in our new header! We’d love to have a large variety of ships represented, from current fandom loves to your always-OTPs, that showcase everything this comm is about.

This is going to work much like the last time the comm did this a couple years ago. So, here’s the game plan:

The Game Plan

1) We are looking for 100x100 pixel icons.

2) Your icon must contain a single het pairing with no words or text. We’re looking for images only - no gif animations.

3) The icon must be either a) made by you, or b) you must have explicit permission from the icon maker to use their icon in our header. DON’T BULLSHIT THIS PART. We really mean it.

4) We’ll leave this post open for submissions for two weeks (until March 4th).

5) To nominate an icons, just copy and paste this handy dandy template into your comment!

Image: (ie- < img src= >)
Icon Creator: (and did you get express permission to use this icon in the het_reccers header?)
Fandom/Pairing: No abbreviations please.
Direct URL: the link directly to the icon URL

Please don’t hotlink - it’s easy to upload your icon to an image hosting server that allows direct linking (i.e. tinypic, photobucket, or imageshack).

Example submission:

Icon Creator: red_b_rackham; Yes I have permission to use this icon in the het_reccers header
Fandom/Pairing: Doctor Who - River Song/The Doctor
Direct URL:

There’s no limit on the number of icons you can submit, so go crazy! You can cheerlead, comment on, and vote for the icons, ships, and pairings you like in the comments as well! Just stay positive, and have fun. Represent your OTPs!

The Small Print: Obviously, not every icon submitted will be selected for the header. Only one icon per pairing will be chosen. All submissions that don’t follow our rules will be disqualified. Mods get final say on all selections, and we are not going to explain why some icons got chosen and some didn’t. We are going to do our best to choose a diverse selection of icons that represent the comm. Icons might be modified when we put it into our header - i.e, we might adjust brightness, or change to black and white. And we will post a credit page when the new header is up, where all icon makers will be acknowledged and given thanks!
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