Anastasia (notoriousreign) wrote in het_reccers,

One Self-Rec - Crossover Ship - Vampire Diaries/Secret Circle

Fandom Category: The Vampire Diaries/The Secret Circle (TV shows)
Pairing: Tyler Lockwood/Cassie Blake
Fic Title: Hope In Unlikely Places
Author: NotoriousReign
Rating/Warning(s): K+
Word Count/WIP?: 1700 words, complete
Recced By: notoriousreign

Why This Must Be Read: I kinda have this love of crossover ships and back when Secret Circle was still around I thought this would make the cutest couple. I still do honestly. Their genre was so similar, the universes could meld so easily together. And I love this fic of mine because I think I write Cassie and Tyler's voices really well to the point that it makes me wanna write more for them. Hopefully it'll get others realizing that they could work, even though initially it could seem pretty random.
Tags: fandom: secret circle, fandom: vampire diaries, ship: crossover

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