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Challenge 138: Self-Recs

In addition to any recs you wish to post at any time, the comm has monthly rec challenges issued by the mods!

Challenge 138:

Category: Self-Recs
Deadline: March 1
Challenge: We’re trying something a little different this month for our reccing challenge—normally, self-recs are not allowed here at het-reccers. For one month only, we’re changing that! Get to know your fellow het-reccing authors this month, and share a beloved story or two of your own with the comm.

We only ask that you follow a couple simple rules:
1) As always, try not to duplicate any fics previously recced here. Check the tag for your fandom and pairing before posting.
2) Please limit yourself to a max of two self-recs for the month.
3) This is a one month only deal. The community goes back to no self-recs after the challenge is up!

Just copy/paste the text below and post it as a new entry:

You don't need to ask for posting rights—just become a community member and rec away!
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