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Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: Felicity Smoak / Oliver Queen
Title: Legacy
Rating/Warning(s): Graphic depictions of violence
Word Count/WIP?:27,331
Recced By: jenncatt

Why This Must Be Read: Because this (and the currently WIP sequel, The Man Under the Hood) are the most perfect future fics (and kidfics) I've come across for Arrow, and if you have any love at all for the major canon couples, they (and their kids) get a gorgeously realised, utterly convincing, life in 2039. Home lives, businesses - the worldbuilding for how they live in future Starling is seriously well thought through. It's even more impressive that this is all done through the perspective of Oliver and Felicity's 19 year old son (who it would be so easy to make a brat, but really isn't. He is, charmingly, Olicity's son in every way.).

What really sells it is that the author takes what can be a great weakness in fics (first person narrative! from an OC!) and pulls it off so brilliantly - they're aware it's not a popular narrative style, and I love that they believed in their story enough to go ahead anyway and convincingly show why it needed to be done that way. Jonathan Queen is simply a great character (as are all the OC kids), who has believable and complicated relationships with all the extended family the Arrow crew has become (his friendship with Quentin is particularly adorable, and Terry McGinnis cameos occasionally as Jon's fellow superhero in training/best friend). And seeing them all through his eyes, not having all the information we have, makes things even more interesting.  The Olicity moments, for all they happen slightly off centre stage, are worth reading the whole thing for alone. And all of the canon character's voices are utterly perfect (Oliver especially so).

It's slightly AU at this point, as this was initially written just before season 3, but this literally just means a couple of things are different (mostly involving both Saras) and this takes place so long after the current timeline that it feels absolutely like it fits even so.   Also, being set so far in the future means we also get an impressive, subtle scifi thriller element to the whole thing - this author writes tension and fight scenes so well. Seriously, try not reading the entire thing (plus the sequel so far) in one go once you start - I certainly didn't manage it.

The sequel is still updating regularly (and is equally brilliant), with another four chapters left - there's so much potential for this story though that I'm hoping this isn't the end.
Tags: fandom: arrow, ship: felicity smoak/oliver queen

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