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Welcome to Het-Reccers!

Welcome to het-reccers, LJ's best place for reccing and reading the best het fic that fandom has to offer. We're open-membership, meticulously organized, and psyched to see what you're reading. Check out our community profile for more details and general guidelines.


Please keep everything clear and consistent when you rec! It makes it easier to search our archive and for others to decide what they want to read. Make sure you tag your posts, too—if you start typing "ship: [x]" and "fandom: [x]," the appropriate tags should appear (the female name is always first in the ship tags). If they don't, just ask a mod for a new tag. Cross-fandom pairings should be tagged with "ship: crossover."

Subject line: If there's only one rec in the post, then title it "Title by Author (Rating)." If there's more than one rec in the post, then you can do "Fandom, # of recs, pairing."

Body Text:
Fandom: Fandom
Pairing: Female First/Male Second (No abbreviations please! First and last names both!)
Fic Title: Title
Author: Author name
Link: Address
Rating/Warning(s): Character death, sex, language, violence, etc.
Word Count/WIP?: Length of the fic; please note if it's a work in progress or completed
Recced on LiveJournal By: Reccer's name

Why This Must Be Read: Sell your rec! Tell us why we need to click the link.

Just c/p this into your post and fill in the fields*:


In addition to any recs you wish to post at any time, the mods will issue additional rec challenges at the beginning of every month, encouraging our members to submit recs with any het pairing they choose in keeping with the month's theme. If you have a fandom or theme for which you would like the mods to issue a challenge, please drop a note on this post. We will try our best to keep things varied and interesting!

Ongoing and previous challenges are listed here.


Got a favorite pairing? That fandom that won’t leave your head? Well, time to REPRESENT and do a "Shipper's Manifesto”! This is a public declaration of fannish love for a particular pairing, character, or ship, and our comm is centered around—you guessed it—fanfiction recommendations!

You can submit a Shipper, Character, or Fandom Manifesto at any time. Just follow the formatting guidelines and include a blurb (as brief or as long as you like) about why you love the thing, as well as at least 10 fanfiction recommendations. You can take a look at the template and previous manifestos here. Please make sure that you're not duplicating existing manifestos and try to avoid reccing stories that have already been recced in this community.


Think you can do 20 recs in at least 5 different fandoms in one month? (More recs and more diversity are of course always, always appreciated!) We have one special reccer every month who takes on this challenge—and all of us benefit! Sign up here and show us your stuff!

Questions? Comments? Affiliates?

Drop a note here! Or, you can PM your mods stars-inthe-sky or blithers via LJ or Tumblr (here and here).
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