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X-men/Avengers and Lovely Complex, 2 recs, multiple pairings

Fandom Category: X-men (Marvel)/ Avengers (Marvel)

Pairing:Rogue/Quicksilver:Pietro Maximoff

Fic Title:Heaven Out Of Hell


Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2514428/chapters/5585399

Rating/Warning(s): Mature/ Fluff

Word Count/WIP?: 7912

Recced By: noonakitty

Why This Must Be Read Something different! This fanfic gives a wonderful character like Rogue a chance at being selfish. Quicksilver from the upcoming Avengers movie/comics is a leading man here which is refreshing.

Special Rec: 1/20


Fandom Category: A Lovely Complex (Manga/Anime)

Pairing: Risa Koizumi/ Atsushi Ōtani

Fic Title: Sexy Complex


Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10581325/1/

Rating/Warning(s):M for sexual content and language.

Word Count/WIP : 44,060 Words.

Recced By: Me!noonakitty

Why This Must Be Read:The manga leaves us wanting more for these two characters and this naughty fanfic gives us the smut they deserve. I recommend it because the author does a great job with the characters.

Special Rec: 2/20
Tags: fandom: a lovely complex, fandom: avengers, fandom: comics, fandom: marvel, fandom: x-men, ship: risa koizumi/atsushi otani, ship: rogue/quicksilver, special reccer: noonakitty

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