A.j. (aj) wrote in het_reccers,

White Lace by kungfuwaynewho, PG-13 (1/1)

Fandom: The Walking Dead
Pairing: Carol Peletier/Daryl Dixon
Title: White Lace
Author: kungfuwaynewho
Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10908496/1/White-Lace
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13. Spoilers through currently aired.
Word Count/WIP?: Complete.
Recced By: aj

Why This Must Be Read: So. Stuff went down in the mid-season 5 finale that was pretty dramatic. This is a great little episode tag that shocked me by how right in tone it is. It's Daryl-pov, so there's a distance and a dismissiveness to the prose that hits exactly right for someone who's grieving and having to deal with the fallout of some pretty terrible stuff. Basically, this is a perfect, painful little tag that surprised me with how on point it was.
Tags: fandom: the walking dead, ship: carol peletier/daryl dixon

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