Katherine Joy Summers (stars_inthe_sky) wrote in het_reccers,
Katherine Joy Summers

Manifesto Challenge!

In addition to regular reccing, this community has an ongoing Manifesto Challenge. If you have a ship, character, or fandom that you want to share with the world, tell us what and why and throw some recs our way! All fandoms big and small are welcome.

You don't need special permission to post a manifesto; just make sure you tag it with "special: manifesto" in addition to the usual tags and check the Master Manifesto List to make sure you're not duplicating something that's already been posted. (It's okay to offer your own take on a ship, character, or fandom already on the list, but please try to avoid reiterating someone else’s points or re-posting stories that are already in our archive.) Co-authorship of manifestos is welcome, too—the more the merrier!

Manifesto Template
The rec template is below to make it easier to complete—just cut and paste the HTML for easy use!

Also, feel free to rec whatever number of stories you like! We've included space for ten as the default, but MORE THAN TEN IS WONDERFUL! And fewer (or none) is just fine, too. And if you're doing a character or fandom manifesto, feel free to include multiple pairings.

Tags: !admin, special: manifesto

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