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Manifesto Master List

Herein is the complete list of all Manifestos (ships, characters, and fandoms) done throughout the history of het-reccers. We've got nearly 200 manifestos, ranging from 10 recs each to 30 recs each. So, there are literally hundreds of recs in this list. (Special thanks to irony-rocks for compiling the manifestos from the original challenges!)

If you’re interested in writing your own manifesto, check out the guidelines here.

If you spot any errors or omissions, leave us a comment! (If you're reading this on Tumblr, please note that the original LJ post (linked to at the bottom of this post) will be updated periodically, but this post will not.)


24 – Character: Chloe O'Brien/Jack Bauer by kaitlia777
24 – Character: Renee Walker, by leigh57
24 – Ship: Renee Walker/Jack Bauer by leigh57

Alias – Character: Irina Derevko, by natushka
Alias – Character: Sydney Bristow, by maridee42

Animorphs – Character: Rachel, by natural_blue_26

Angel/Buffy: The Vampire Slayer – Character: Cordelia Chase by anr
Angel/Buffy: The Vampire Slayer – Character: Spike by skysamuelle
Angel/Buffy: The Vampire Slayer – Ship: Buffy Summers/Angel by kean_herself
Angel/Buffy: The Vampire Slayer – Ship: Buffy Summers/Angel by stars_inthe_sky
Angel/Buffy: The Vampire Slayer – Ship: Buffy Summers/Spike by penny_lane_42
Angel/Buffy: The Vampire Slayer – Ship: Cordelia Chase/Angel by xlivvielockex
Angel – Ship: Lilah Morgan/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce by anythingbutgrey

Fandom Manifesto – Avengers by caitriona_3
Avengers (Captain America) – Ship: Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers by super_tricie341
Avengers (Iron Man) – Ship: Pepper Potts/Tony Stark by natfudge
Avengers (Thor) – Ship: Darcy Lewis/Bruce Banner by super_tricie341
Avengers (Thor) – Ship: Darcy Lewis/Clint Barton by faith_less_one
Avengers (Thor) – Ship: Sif/Loki by pirateveronica
Avengers – Ship: Natasha Romanoff/Clint Barton by violetrosesky
Avengers (Captain America) – Ship: Natasha Romanoff/James "Bucky" Barnes by stars_inthe_sky

Fandom Manifesto – The Babysitter's Club by ozqueen

Batman – Ship: Cassandra Cain/Timothy Drake by aj

Battlestar Galactica – Character: Sam Anders, by rose_griffes
Battlestar Galactica – Ship: Kara Thrace/Lee Adama by amidala_thrace
Battlestar Galactica – Ship: Kara Thrace/Sam Anders by ivanolix
Battlestar Galactica – Ship: Laura Roslin/Bill Adama by bsg_aussiegirl

Bleach – Ship: Ise Nanao/Kyouraku Shunsui by moonymuch
Bleach – Character: Yoruichi Shiouhin, by kanjo_girl

Bones – Ship: Temperance Brennan/Seeley Booth by tv_fan_girl
Bones – Ship: Temperance Brennan/Seeley Booth by tocourtdisaster

Bourne Trilogy – Ship: Nicky Parsons/Jason Bourne, by n_e_star

Burn Notice – Ship: Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen by abvj
Burn Notice – Ship: Fiona Glenanne/Michael Westen by merryghoul
Burn Notice – Character: Sam Axe by rise_your_dead

Cabin Fever – Ship: Marcy/Paul by heatandchills

Castle – Character: Kate Beckett, by zinke
Castle – Ship: Kate Beckett/Richard Castle by hazel_eyes_86
Castle – Ship: Kate Beckett/Richard Castle, by cassievalentine

Fandom Manifesto – The Closer and Major Crimes by bsg_aussiegirl

Fandom Manifesto – Community by oneofthemuses
Community – Ship: Annie Edison/Jeff Winger by firthgal

Discworld – Character: Samuel Vimes, by shirleyann66

Fandom Manifesto – Dollhouse by stars_inthe_sky
Dollhouse – Character: Laurence Dominic, by derevko_child
Dollhouse – Ship: Adelle DeWitt/Laurence Dominic by oltha_heri

Doctor Who – Character: Donna Noble, by gorengal
Doctor Who – Character: Martha Jones, by rose_griffes
Doctor Who/The Sarah Jane Adventures – Character: Sarah Jane Smith by azarsuerte
Doctor Who – Ship: Charley Pollard/The Eighth Doctor by azarsuerte
Doctor Who – Ship: River Song/The Doctor, by irony_rocks
Doctor Who – Ship: River Song/The Doctor by ozmissage
Doctor Who – Ship: River Song/The Doctor by vickysg1
Doctor Who – Ship: River Song/The Doctor by stars_inthe_sky
Doctor Who – Ship: Tegan Jovanka/The Doctor by lost_spook
Doctor Who – Ship: Clara Oswald/The Doctor by merryghoul

Downton Abbey – Ship: Elsie Hughes/Charles Carson by crazymaryt
Downton Abbey – Ship: Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley, by oltha_heri

ER – Ship: Neela Rasgotra/Ray Barnett by badboy_fangirl

Evil Dead Trilogy – Ship: Sheila/Ashley 'Ash' Williams by rise_your_dead

Farscape – Ship: Aeryn Sun/John Crichton by violacoye

Firefly – Ship: Inara Serra/Mal Reynolds by charlottetrips
Firefly – Character: Simon Tam, by stars_inthe_sky

Friday Night Lights – Character: Julie Taylor, by meghan_84

Friends – Ship: Monica Geller/Chandler Bing by lurknomore
Friends – Character: Joseph Francis Tribianni, Jr. by secondalto

Fringe – Character: Olivia Dunham by sugangel7
Fringe – Character: Peter Bishop, by paladin24
Fringe – Ship: Olivia Dunham/Peter Bishop by paladin24

Fandom Manifesto – Georgette Heyer by super_tricie341

Glee – Character: Noah Puckerman, by badboy_fangirl
Glee – Ship: Rachel Berry/Noah "Puck" Puckerman by aj
Glee – Ship: Rachel Berry/ Noah "Puck" Puckerman by cheapen
Glee – Ship: Quinn Fabray/Noah “Puck” Puckerman, by jungle_ride
Glee – Ship: Tina Cohen-Chang/Mike Chang, by super_tricie341

Gokusen – Ship: Kumiko Yamaguchi ("Yankumi")/Shin Sawada by anenko

Gossip Girl – Character: Blair Waldorf, by nicodemusfleur
Gossip Girl – Ship: Blair Waldorf/Chuck Bass by skysamuelle

Grey's Anatomy – Character: George O'Malley by red_b_rackham
Grey's Anatomy – Character: Izzie Stevens by waltzmatildah
Grey's Anatomy – Ship: Izzie Stevens/George O’Malley, by red_b_rackham

Harry Potter – Character: Hermione Granger, by filwdork
Harry Potter – Ship: Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy by pokeystar
Harry Potter – Ship: Hermione Granger/Fred Weasley by selene2
Harry Potter – Ship: Hermione Granger/Remus Lupin by magic_knickers
Harry Potter – Ship: Hermione Granger/Ronald Weasley by admiral_sab
Harry Potter – Ship: Hermione Granger/Ronald Weasley by alluringcliche
Harry Potter – Ship: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape by sinistercircus
Harry Potter – Ship: Hermione Granger/Sirius Black by pelespen
Harry Potter – Ship: Ginny Weasley/Draco Malfoy by purely_distel
Harry Potter – Ship: Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter by cwarbeck
Harry Potter – Ship: Rose Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy by hondagirll

House, M.D. – Ship: Allison Cameron/Gregory House by burnaroundme
House, M.D. – Ship: Lisa Cuddy/Gregory Houseby vickysg1
House, M.D. – Ship: Lisa Cuddy/Gregory House by sadpie

Fandom Manifesto – Hunger Games by faith_less_one

JAG – Ship: Sarah Mackenzie/Harmon Rabb by doc_3

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – Ship: Alex Eames/Bobby Goren by gorengal

Fandom Manifesto – Leverage – by vickysg1
Leverage – Ship: Parker/Alec Hardison by merryghoul
Leverage – Ship: Parker/Eliot Spencer by caitriona_3
Leverage – Ship: Sophie Devereaux/Nathan Ford by alinaandalion
Leverage – Ship: Sophie Devereaux/Nate Ford by lovesrogue36

Lewis – Ship: Laura Hobson/Robbie Lewis by crazymaryt

Lie To Me – Character: Gillian Foster, by vickysg1

Life With Derek – Ship: Casey McDonald/Derek Venturi by blithers

Fandom Manifesto – Lizzie Bennett Diaries by kasiopeia

Longmire – Ship: Victoria Moretti/Walt Longmire by lanalucy

Lord of the Rings – Character: Galadriel by skysamuelle

Lost – Character: Juliet Burke, by ozmissage
Lost – Character: Sayid Jarrah, by aurilly
Lost – Ship: Juliet Burke/James "Sawyer" Ford by ozmissage
Lost – Ship: Kate Austen/James "Sawyer" Ford by kaylamarie2209
Lost – Ship: Kate Austen/James "Sawyer" Ford by maridee42
Lost – Ship: Kate Austen/Jack Shephard by angela_weber

Fandom Manifesto – The Magicians by skysamuelle

Merlin – Character: Guinevere ("Gwen") by angelqueen04
Merlin – Character: Guinevere ("Gwen"), by threemeows
Merlin – Character: Morgana le Fey, by angelqueen04

Miraculous Ladybug – Ship: Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Adrien Agreste by mirime_vy

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries – Ship: Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson by tree

NCIS – Ship: Abby Sciuto/Leroy Jethro Gibbs by angelqueen04
NCIS – Ship: Jenny Sheppard/Leroy Jethro Gibbs by lovesrogue36
NCIS – Ship: Kate Todd/Leroy Jethro Gibbs by dani101
NCIS: Los Angeles – Ship: Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks by peanutbutterer
NCIS: Los Angeles/NCIS – Character: Kensi Blye by effie214

The Newsroom – Fandom Manifesto by vickysg1

Once Upon A Time – Fandom Manifesto by oresteia

Parks and Recreation – Ship: Leslie Knope/Ben Wyatt, by rose_griffes

Persuasion – Character: Anne Elliot by n_e_star

Pirates of the Carribean – Ship: Elizabeth Swann/Jack Sparrow by vega_ofthe_lyre

The Pretender – Character: Miss Parker, by karlamartinova
The Pretender – Ship: Miss Parker/Jarod by vickysg1

Prison Break – Ship: Sara Tancredi/Lincoln Burrows by badboy_fangirl

Pride and Prejudice – Ship: Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy, by tree

Primeval – Ship: Abby Maitland/Connor Temple by prehistoriccat
Primeval – Ship: Jessica Parker/Captain Becker, by hiddencait

Protector of the Small Quartet – Character: Keladry of Mindelan by super_tricie341

Psych – Character: Carlton Lassiter, by gwynevere1

Red Eye – Ship: Lisa Reisert/Jackson Rippner by seren_ccd

RPF – Rule 63 Hockey Fandom Manifesto by super_tricie341

Sailor Moon – Ship: Usagi Tsukino/Mamoru Chiba by skysamuelle

Sanctuary – Ship: Helen Magnus/Will Zimmerman by karlamartinova
Sanctuary – Character: Helen Magnus, by pirateveronica
Sanctuary – Character: Nikola Tesla, by grav_ity

Fandom Manifesto – Sapphire and Steel by lost_spook

Sea Patrol – Ship: Kate McGregor/Mike Flynn by natushka

Sherlock BBC – Ship: Molly Hooper/DI Greg Lestrade by seren_ccd

Slayers – Ship: Lina Inverse/Gourry Gabriev by dqbunny

Smallville – Character: Chloe Sullivan, by selene2
Smallville – Ship: Chloe Sullivan/Oliver Queen by borntobemild

A Song of Ice and Fire – Ship: Sansa Stark/Jon Snow by super_tricie341

Sons of Anarchy – Ship: Gemma Teller Morrow/Clay Morrow by natushka

Spooks (MI-5) – Character: Ruth Evershed by lost_spook

Stargate: Atlantis – Character: John Sheppard, by anuna_81
Stargate: Atlantis – Character: Ronon Dex by pirateveronica
Stargate: Atlantis – Ship: Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard, by leanstein
Stargate: Atlantis – Ship: Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard by irony_rocks
Stargate: Atlantis – Ship: Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard by hihoplastic
Stargate: Atlantis – Ship: Jennifer Keller/Ronon Dex, by caitriona_3
Stargate: Atlantis – Ship: Jennifer Keller/Ronon Dex by renisanz
Stargate: Atlantis – Ship: Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne, by gelbes_gilatier
Stargate: Atlantis – Ship: Teyla Emmagen/John Sheppard by tielan
Stargate SG-1 – Ship: Samantha Carter/Jack O'Neill, by vickysg1
Stargate SG-1 – Ship: Samantha Carter/Jack O'Neill by annerbhp
Stargate SG-1 – Ship: Vala Mal Doran/Daniel Jackson by hariboo

Star Ocean 3 – Ship: Nel Zelpher/Albel Nox by kitsuneasika

Fandom Manifesto – Star Trek (Reboot) by seren_ccd
Fandom Manifesto – Star Trek Voyager by raktajinos
Star Trek (TOS and Reboot) – Character: Christine Chapel by seren_ccd
Star Trek (TOS and Reboot) – Character: Leonard H. McCoy by caitriona_3
Star Trek (Reboot) – Character: Spock, by theworldsforgot
Star Trek – Ship: Amanda Grayson/Sarek by merisunshine36
Star Trek (Reboot) – Ship: Christine Chapel/Leonard McCoy by seren_ccd
Star Trek (Reboot) – Ship: Christine Chapel/Leonard McCoy by leanstein
Star Trek (Reboot) – Ship: Nyota Uhura/Leonard McCoy by djkiwi2576
Star Trek (Reboot) – Ship: Nyota Uhura/Spock by spockside
Star Trek (Reboot) – Ship: Nyota Uhura/Spock by anodyna

Star Wars – Ship: Mara Skywalker/Luke Skywalker by favouriteyear
Star Wars – Ship: Jyn Erso/Cassian Andor by sugangel7

Superman (all series) – Ship: Lois Lane/Clark Kent by verogeller

Supernatural – Ship: Lisa Braeden/Dean Winchester by sgmajorshipper
Supernatural – Character: Dean Winchester, by irony_rocks

Syfy’s Alice – Character: Alice Hamilton by faith_less_one

Tangled – Ship: Rapunzel/Eugene Fitzherbert, by yappichick

Terminator 'verse – Character: Sarah Connor by stars_inthe_sky

Tin Man – Ship: DG/Wyatt Cain by lothy

Twilight – Ship: Bella Swan/Jacob Black by majestamoniet

V (2009) – Ship: Erica Evans/Jack Landry, by kaitlia777
V (2009) – Ship: Lisa/Joshua, by always_a_queen

Vampire Diaries – Character: Bonnie Bennett, by skysamuelle
Vampire Diaries – Character: Caroline Forbes by abvj
Vampire Diaries – Character: Damon Salvatore by badboy_fangirl
Vampire Diaries – Character: Elena Gilbert by ever_neutral
Vampire Diaries – Ship: Elena Gilbert/Damon Salvatore, by badboy_fangirl
Vampire Diaries – Ship: Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore by badboy_fangirl
Vampire Diaries – Ship: Elena Gilbert/Damon Salvatore by shipperjunkie

Veronica Mars – Ship: Veronica Mars/Eli "Weevil" Navarro, by jaq_of_spades
Veronica Mars – Ship: Veronica Mars/Logan Echolls, by crowandfog
Veronica Mars – Ship: Veronica Mars/Logan Echolls by love_is_epic

Waking the Dead – Ship: Grace Foley/Peter Boyd, by crazymaryt
Waking the Dead – Ship: Grace Foley/Peter Boyd by datsue

West Wing – Ship: Donna Moss/Josh Lyman, by seren_ccd
West Wing – Ship:Donna Moss/Josh Lyman by imacartwright

The X Files – Character: Dana Scully, by wendelah1
The X Files – Character: Fox Mulder, by littlegreen42
The X Files – Ship: Dana Scully/Fox Mulder by wendelah1

X-Men – Character: Rogue by vikingprincess
X-Men – Ship: Rogue/Gambit by vikingprincess

Young Justice – Ship: Artemis Crock/Wally West by irony_rocks
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