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Special Reccer Signups

It’s time—we’re restarting special reccer signups!

Who are special reccers? They are brave souls who take on the challenge on making at least 20 recs in 5 different fandoms over the course of a month (although more recs and more diversity is always appreciated!). We have a single special reccer each month. Months are assigned on a first come, first served basis. We are also continuing the tradition of special reccers getting their own special tag for the month here on the LJ comm.

On LiveJournal, you can sign up by leaving a comment on this post.

On Tumblr, you can sign up by sending a message to the het_reccers ask box, and all recs can be shared through tumblr submissions.

In both cases, we’ll confirm your month, and then notify you again a week or two in advance to remind you of your signup when the time comes. You can see the previous list of special reccers here.

Rec away!

Special Reccers:

December 2014: stars_inthe_sky
January 2015: noonakitty
February 2015: jaq_of_spades
March 2015: n_e_star
April 2015: raktajinos
May 2015: kalisgirl
June 2015: onceuponapillow
July 2015: streussal
August 2015: honor_reid
September 2015: eevilalice
October 2015: [anniversary community challenge]
November 2015: lanalucy
December 2015: eliviralikespie
January 2016: seren_ccd
February 2016: jaq_of_spades
March 2016: galfridian
April 2016: throwingpens
May 2016: dontbelievethetrolls
June 2016: super_tricie341
July 2016: lanalucy
August 2016: syd15
September 2016: merryghoul
October 2016: [anniversary community challenge]
November 2016: blithers
December 2016: zantedesha
January 2017: crazymaryt
February 2017: only_more_love
March 2017: honor_reid
April 2017: seren_ccd
May 2017: mirime_vy
June 2017: lost_spook
July 2017: roofshadow
August 2017: syd15
September 2017: screaming-towards-apotheosis
October 2017: syd15
November 2017:
December 2017:
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