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About Tags

Hi everyone! Before we get to the fun stuff, we have a piece of not-as-fun mod business to discuss.

The paid subscription for het_reccers ran out earlier this year, which means our tag limit has been reduced to 1000. Currently we have 2086 tags in use, thanks to our former status as a paid account. (Paid accounts can have up to 4000 tags.) This means that right now, while we haven’t lost any of our current tags, we also can’t add any new tags. That’s why you’ve seen some recent recs for new fandoms and pairings that weren’t tagged.

We have a couple of options:

1) Someone buys the community a paid subscription. This is in no way a requirement for us to continue to be a healthy, active community, but we wanted to put the option out there, because that was how this problem was solved the last time het_reccers reached its tag limit.

2) We change how we use our tags. Right now we’re thinking that we could delete all ship/pairing tags and just use fandom tags instead. For many fandoms this would continue to be a very simple way to still find the pairings you wanted. For some of the larger fandoms, this will mean a little more digging to find your ship of choice (right now some of our largest fandoms are Harry Potter with 162 posts, and Doctor Who with 124 posts, to give you an idea of scale), but it should still be a pretty workable option. The community currently has 543 fandom tags, in addition to a relatively small/stable number of admin tags (50, many of which are special reccer tags), which would give us room to continue to grow in the future.

And now we throw it open to you - thoughts, ideas? If we do need to prune our tags list, is anybody not okay with going fandom only, or does anybody have any alternate or better suggestions?
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