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Hello from your new mods!

Good morning and welcome (back) to het_reccers from your new mods: stars_inthe_sky and blithers!

As longtime fans of and contributors to this community, we’re excited to be picking up where irony_rocks, hariboo, and peanutbutterer left off.

Things have been quiet around here for a while, but we’re gearing up for a bit of a relaunch. We love fanfiction, we love good recs, and we love this community—our goal is to continue to make het_reccers the place to find all the best het fics the internet has to offer and to share all the stories that make you go “hnng.” Or “aww.” Or “ohhh.” Or...well, you know how the feels go.

Over the next few weeks and months, stay tuned for some new challenges: in November we’ll be re-starting monthly themes to help inspire your recs, and we’ll also be looking for “special reccers” again soon—so start thinking about the stories you’ve been meaning to tell your friends about!

Also: we’re eager for your input! If you have any ideas for how to bring some new energy to this community or if you just want to say hi, feel free to drop one or the other of us a line, or leave a comment on this post.

If you’re curious about who on Earth these new peppy people taking over are...

blithers is a huge fan of staying up way too late reading fanfiction and excellent make outs, so fandom seemed like a natural fit. You can find her on tumblr, AO3, and pinboard.

stars_inthe_sky is a longtime fangirl (Harry Potter was the gateway drug) who at the moment is quite frankly too close to the situation when it comes to the Avengers. You can also find her on tumblr, AO3, and 8tracks, and she keeps a rather massive archive of all the rec-worthy fics she reads at starred-fics.tumblr.com.

Thanks for reading, and get ready to get reccing!
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