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More Than Memory , Arwen/Aragorn, LOTR, PG

Fandom Category:Lord Of The Rings
Pairing: Arwen/Aragorn
Fic Title: More Than Memory
Author: chocholatequeen
Rating/Warning(s): G
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read:Long, juicy,well plotted over a quite original premise, sporting a particularly good characterization of Aragorn' more human side. The story all revolves around one question : what does make yourself *your* self, once your memories are gone, and your looks are no longer your looks? And Most importantly ... can those you love recognize you somehow, even when you don't recognize yourself? Here Arwen is deadly wounded by orcs right before she can reunite with a victorious Aragorn at the end of the war ...Elrod is forced to send her swiftly to the Undying Lands in hope that her life can still be saved, even knowing she will no longer able to return. Moved by Arwen's grief and concerned that Aragorn is closing his heart off, the Valar offer both a second chance, but with a catch - Arwen is to be delivered back to Gondor as a memory-less mortal woman with no resemblance to her original self and like in a fairy tale, only if king Elassar can love her again, her memory and appeareance can be restored.
So you get a broodier Aragorn, determined to not betray the memory of his perfect love and prone to fits of self-reclusion, but still reluctantly protective of this family-less maiden that just happened on him, a proud and fierce Arwen who has no idea of who she is but still tries to live with the feelings bubbling up toward her king, and philosophical exploration of what makes a soul and what is love. Truly a beautiful work.
Tags: !remembered, fandom: lord of the rings, ship: arwen/aragorn

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