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Three Darcy Lewis/Avengers recs

I've been loving the amount of Darcy Lewis stories that have come out since Thor 2 and Cap 2. Let's dive in, shall we?

Fandom Category: MCU
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Clint Barton
Fic Title: I Once Was Lost
Author: Druid_Moon
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read
: I haven't read a story that knocked me off my feet like this in a very long time. The author's prose is a thing of beauty here. Darcy has a fully-fleshed backstory, one that revolves around her relationship with her grandmother. The wonderful thing about this story is about how the foundation of Darcy's relationship with her grandmother (crafting, cooking, singing) forms the basis of her relationships with first Jane and Eric, and then the rest of the Avengers. Darcy uses her crafting skills to demonstrate her understanding of the other characters, and to offer her friendship. The slow burn of her romance with Clint is absolutely delicious. This story is part of a series (Amazing Grace), and the sequel can be found here. It is equally heart-wrenching. One of the best things about this entire series is the friendships, especially those amongst the women of all generations (it reminds me of The Joy Luck Club, or Steel Magnolias). It also makes me miss the Midwest fiercely.

One Darcy/Bucky and one Darcy/Sam Wilson rec below the cut!
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Tags: !remembered, fandom: avengers, fandom: captain america, fandom: thor, ship: darcy lewis/bucky barnes, ship: darcy lewis/clint "hawkeye" barton, ship: darcy lewis/sam wilson

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