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28 May 2014 @ 12:32 am
Once Upon A Time, Regina Mills/Robin Hood, 3 Recs  
Fandom Category:Once Upon A time
Pairing: Regina Mills/Robin Hood
Fic Title: and so you, bread and light and shadow, are
Author: biggrstaffbunch
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1608812/
Rating/Warning(s): Mature,
Genre: romance, aganst, post season3
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: It’s a truly, truly spectacular story thanks to both a beautiful, intensely moving use of language and a splendid characterization of everyone involved, especially Regina and Robin. It picks off where S3 left us, with an heart-broken Regina losing hope of ever having her happy ending now Robin has Marian back. The reader follows her through this jarring journey to be the better woman in circumstances where selfloathing for the things she has done in past and the lack of hope for her future constantly threaten to swallow her entirely in a marvellous escalation of tension .... until the grand finale that really, really did me in. It becomes indeed impossible to not ache both for and with her , because you find yourself respecting her , being enthralled by a brilliant character sketch. There were little Henry/Regina moments that gave extra shine to the tale and then, I don’t want to spoil anything but …. THE ENDING! That ending was worth any massive fix of aganst ingested.
Favorite quotes:
“Her mother always told her that love is weakness. Regina knows that is a falsehood; love is strength unrivaled. Love is lasting. It is unforgettable. It might fade, but it never disappears, however much a person might wish it would go. Love outlasts ambition and power. Love is what is left when everything else turns to dust. There was a moment when that thought might have been a comfort. These days, it feels like a warning. ”
“If they are a solar system, these people, then Regina is the comet that streaks through space, comes inches within total obliteration of each planet, leaving a fiery trail in her wake. When she was little, looking up at night, Regina always thought—rather whimsically—that comets were just stars searching for their place in the sky.But now, she sees she is the outlier. The anomaly. The destruction everyone fears.”

Fandom Category:Once Upon A time
Pairing: Regina Mills/Robin Hood
Fic Title: I dreaded that first Robin, so
Author: narcolepticbadger
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1662440
Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: romance, aganst, post season3
WIP?: no
Why This Must Be Read: “Post S3 finale: a curse, a kiss, and something that might be True Love under less fucked-up circumstances.”
This one reads a lot like a dark fairy tale, all smooth words and ominous, subtly woven feelings. There’s the gang fighting the Ice Queen, Regina ending on the receiving end of a curse and Robin trying to save her. With heavy doses of Regina running from love until it becomes impossible, banter between a thief and a queen, some delicious aganst and more delicious romance … a very nourishing recipe for a relatively short fic.

Fandom Category:Once Upon A time
Pairing: Regina Mills/Robin Hood (with flashbacks of Regina/Daniel, Regina/Huntsman, Regina/Jefferson )
Fic Title: Silent
Author: SgtMac
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1685885
Rating/Warning(s): M, sexual themes and traumas, consent issues
Genre: romance, aganst, character study
WIP?: no
Why This Must Be Read: This picks off that possible and elusive moment in between S3 scenes where Regina and Robin might have decided to bring their relationship to the next level and it remains suspended between past and present while the author digs into the queen ‘s sentimental and sexual relationships to prove how those gradually added to each other to make her the evil queen. While it is a rather grim progression, made lighter by healing this second chance with Robin is bringing about in parallel, it s totally a succession of events I could picture (except maybe the part concerning Rumplestilskin) and one that gives a lot of depth to her issues with anger, power and control. To see her moving from the innocence of her tender flirtations with Daniel to the humiliating coldness of her relations with Leopold to eventually the hollow dominance she learns to display as Evil Queen is not pretty – it is a path to guess how the violated can become the violator, and the victim a deliberate aggressor, yet there’s such a tragic edge to the process that Regina never entirely loses her humanity. As someone who had an huge problem with Regina ‘magic-compelling’ Graham to be her lover-boy in S1 more than with anything else she did before and after, I’ll say I found this a quite interesting and satisfying read.
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