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How I Met Your Mother, Two Recs

Fandom Category: How I met your Mother
Pairing: Robin Scherbatsky /Barney Stinson
Fic Title: but don't you think we came close
Author: hyacinthian
Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: Romance, aganst, post finale
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read:Post finale fic, where Robin starts out dating Ted, reconnecting with the gang, trying for the life she always wondered about, catching a train she imagined she had missed . With some difficulty. Along the way, she comes to figure herself and the things she wants out finally and … it’s a process that draws her and Barney together. Slowly, just to prove to both of them that they still fit. The thing I liked the most about the story is how well it catches Robin’s POV on relationship and life, the way she responds to things. She is not really a domestic and overly sentimental kind of girl, she has this hunger to wander, wonder, destroy and start over, learn by deliberately fucking-it-up. And this is a story about how she comes to be fine with that, first and foremost. Bonus points for scenes with Aunt Robin babysitting Ellie and the Barney/Robin angle getting explored at a really gradual pace.

Fandom Category: How I met your Mother
Pairing: Robin Scherbatsky /Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby/Tracy Mc Connell
Fic Title: Your Devils and Your Deeds
Author: AnnaYesMaam
Rating/Warning(s): R
Genre: Romance, aganst, post finale
Why This Must Be Read: It’s some MAJESTIC writing at work here, and as post-finale fix it go, this one really lands you into automatic satisfaction territory right at the first chapter, without denying anything that occurred in canon. To put it simply, Ted finds out he is in for a surprise when Robin lets him in her apartment… and he comes full circle with his own show when he has to sit down and listen at the really long, epic story of how fate kept Barney and Robin’s paths crossing in those years after their divorce. Because, you know, they are a couple again despite the fact they wanted to keep it under wraps for awhile. The nitty-gritty tone the writer adopts is just perfect for the tale, and Ted is featured in a very sympathetic light despite the particular situation (in light of his enduring love for Tracy, that shines through the way she is still very much a living presence in his head ). I loved it madly from the very first lines, and so I couldn’t avoid reccing it only because it’s not complete yet. Author has set the finish line at 10 chapters anyway. Chance it!
Tags: !remembered, fandom: how i met your mother, ship: robin scherbatsky/barney stinson, ship: the mother/ted mosby

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