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Age of Evolution by SummerRed, North & South

Special Rec: # 11
Fandom Category: North and South
Pairings: Margaret Hale/John Thornton
Fic Title: Age of Evolution
Author: SummerRed
Link: On AO3
Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This fic follows up from the BBC ending, which saw Margaret and John openly kissing on a train platform and travelling together (Unchaperoned!) on a train. Unabashedly romantic as the BBC version might be, one of the most important aspects of Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel which the show was based on, was in shedding light on the way workers and employers related to each other, and its proto-Marxist and feminist critique of the situation. As the wife of a pastor, Gaskell’s solutions – put forward in the book through the words of Margaret Hale, involved ideas grounded in agape (Love of God that extends to fellow-man) that seem common-sense today but went against the prevailing social and economic climate of the time. SummerRed uses the metaphor of evolution to show how Margaret could influence John’s thinking towards becoming a more progressive Master of Marlborough Mill.

Is it possible to fix the tag so the character names are spelled correctly?
Tags: !remembered, fandom: north & south (bbc), ship: margaret hale/john thornton, special reccer: smilax

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