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As Wind Is To Fire by Betsy, La Femme Nikita, M

Fandom Category:La Femme Nikita
Pairing: Nikita/Michael
Fic Title: As Wind Is To Fire
Author: Betsy
Rating/Warning(s): Mature, warning for Section One Typical Messed Up Mindgames
Genre: spy drama, romance, aganst, post season 2
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Betsy writes LFN’s powerplays as nobody else in the world I know – here Madeline weaves her ‘testing’ of Michael and Nikita in mindgames that leave you feeling equally nauseated and amazed at her talent, and Michael’s responses at that are portrayed in a way that renders justice at the complexity of his character. His body language, his so infamous ‘machine mode’ under duress, his internal approach to the use Section makes of him as Valentine Operative all find a dramatic expression in this fic . Mostly because, in this story, Michael and Nikita are sent once more to work undercover as married couple on a target that makes Perry Bauer’s perversity look rainbows and unicorns. Their dynamic as a couple, and their very mutual protectiveness of each other come to life with moving vigor, and Michael’s psychology too is investigated with a particular depth without it never becoming too much. Nikita too is depicted in a flattering light without glossing over her flaws, and whole her arc here is her growing up into a more balanced operative and a more adult woman through an initial step away from her mentor – there’s a relationship she starts without someone outside section, that actually helps her to have a better perspective over what she has with Michael, and her gaining more autonomy, understanding and confidence in dealing with Section in general. As the fic title suggests, the overall premise is that in love sometimes trying for independence from someone just deepens the connection, your awareness of its worth, and your understanding of your significant other.
Tags: !remembered, fandom: la femme nikita, ship: nikita/michael

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