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The Close In series, Veronica Mars , M

Fandom: Veronica Mars
Pairing: Veronica Mars/Logan Echolls, Meg Manning/Duncan Kane
Fic Title: La Doleur Exquise
Author: absolutelyiris
Rating/Warning(s): Explicit sexual content, explicit Language, violence
Genre: Drama, Romance, Aganst

Why This Must Be Read: This story takes place after "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner." and goes AU from there on. My very favorite thing about it is that really, really pulls no punches -at all- on the raw and mutually destructive side of the relationship between Veronica and Logan in primis, but also does the same for the relationship Veronica has withveryolsen her life, included herself. The title in fact describes her vision of loving Logn as a painful quest she constantly tries to evade, costantly failing. The two characters ' long, bumpy road to face themselves and each other to build finally something healthy is, chapter by chapter, a journey that becomes real as punch in the gut.And the thriller portons of the story are engaging and well-developed. Also the sex parts are off-the-charts intense and ... the aganst just makes the ending so much more awarding. I felt proud of Logan for growing so much, and of Veronica for coming to a place of honesty and self-acceptance where she is finally able to be emotionally intimate with another person, and of Meg and Duncan for gting their picket fenced future together.

Sequels in order:   Entropy -
                           The Missing Pieces -
Tags: fandom: veronica mars, ship: meg manning/duncan kane, ship: veronica mars/logan echolls

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