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Lord Of The Rings: Lothiriel/Eomer, Eowyn/ Faramir, 2 recs, G

Fandom Category: Lord Of Rings

Pairing: Lothiriel/Eomer, Eowyn/ Faramir,
Fic Title: Thunder and Lightning
Author: LadyBlueJay

Rating/Warning(s): General Audiences
Genre: Post-Canon, Romance, Drama, Canon relationship

WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read:
“ Asked to befriend Rohan's famous White Lady, Lothíriel has serious doubts as to whether a shield-maiden and a princess will get on. But she was not expecting any difficulty in being civil to the lady's brother and sparks fly from their first meeting. Worse than that however, she is led into a situation that threatens her very life.”

This is worth reading even only for the chance to see Eowyn in the context of a growing friendship with another woman, and one so different from her at that. Lothiriel is a court lady, raised in full awareness of what it means to be a princess of Gondor , and her strengths are very different from Eowyn’s, so Faramir asks his cousin to ease Eowyn’s into Gondor … the two womens have not an easy time to get along at first, being quite diffident toward each other, but soon Eowyn comes to see Lothiriel as her confidante, and asks the princess to follow her to Rhoan to help her to rebuild the royal household. Trouble is, Eomer is convinced from the get go that it’s just another ruse to arrange him a convenient marriage, and this causes him to be cold and tendentially antagonistic with Lothiriel , who does in turn label him as rude and arrogant. Basically, this story read much like a Pride and Prejudice AU in LOTR style and the verbal skirmishes between Eomer and Lothiriel were witty and entertaining as ever. The reader learns to appreciate Lothiriel as a smart, brave, capable young woman with a cutting tongue and a lively personality that makes determinedly her way in a world dominated by men and countries that struggle to rebuild themselves after the war. Eomer too, comes out from this fic as flawed but wholesome character, and the romance between them is an intriguing slowburn whose pace gets never boring or predictable. Kudos for the well-portrayed secondary characters that move in the background of the story – they made it all more real, and as I read on I truly felt like I was witnessing Lothiriel and Eowyn and Eomer and everyone else putting the pieces together after all the darkness and the loss of an extenuating armed conflict. This is just an outstanding LOTR Fic, even outside the shippy frames.

Fandom Category: Lord Of Rings

Pairing: Lothiriel/Eomer, Eowyn/Faramir, Arwen/Aragorn
Fic Title: Tide Of Destiny, Choices
Author: Ladybluejay

Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: Romance, Drama, Canon relationship,

WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read:
An epic tale of tragedy, bravery and love. We follow the lives of Lothíriel of Dol Amroth, her brothers and Éomer of Rohan from their early years to old age. MEFA 2008 - Second Place in Genres: Drama’

Eomer and Lothiriel certainly had two very different upbringings and they came from very different cultures. This story highlights that, following them in parallel from their childhood to their eventual meeting to close in their marriage. The socio-cultural contesxt is part of what makes the story so enjoyable – if you love the world Tolkien has created, this is going to feel like taking a panoramic stroll through it in company of characters that moved on the periphery of the original saga. Especially since the fic makes an effort to always move within canon-estabilished framework in regard to what happens to the various characters. A nice touch was delving into Lothiriel ‘s elven ancestry, that results in her developing a sort of sixth sense and a keen healer ability, as even the shadows cast on her history by king Umar, an inappropriate suitor who gets a sick interest in her when she is barely nine years old and just refuses to let go. It’s interesting to see the book series events playing through Eomer and Lothiriel POV, and seeing them entwined with original developments.

Tags: fandom: lord of the rings, ship: arwen/aragorn, ship: eowyn/faramir, ship: lothiriel/eomer

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