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Mansfield End by Ione (PG)

Fandom Category:Mansfield Park
Pairing: Fanny Price/Henry Crawford, Mary Crawford/Edmund Bertram
Fic Title: Mansfield End
Author: Ione
Link: AO3.
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Alternate Ending, Romance
WIP?: No. Yuletide

Why This Must Be Read: Author's summary: An alternate ending to Mansfield Park, beginning with Book Three, Chapter XV. I have no words for how well this story is written...but I will try. The author changes the ending to Mansfield Park by taking the main characters and allowing them to grow and evolve in a very believable ways. The journey each couple goes on is not easy one but when they do get together it feels very satisfying because it is a hard won happy ending. Ione captures Austen's tone perfectly, the story feels authentic to the time period and true to the characters that Austen created. Basically it is everything you ever wanted for Fanny, Mary, Edmund, and Henry and especially for Mansfield Park.
Tags: fandom: mansfield park, ship: fanny price/henry crawford

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