Jessi (j_guda) wrote in het_reccers,

How Life Does Turn Out by neonhummingbird, PG

Fandom Category: While You Were Sleeping
Pairing: Lucy Moderatz/Jack Callaghan
Fic Title: How Life Does Turn Out
Author: Perri Smith/neonhummingbird
Rating/Warning(s): PG-ish, none
Genre: General, family, fluff
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Every year Yuletide gives me one fic that is exactly what I always wanted. This year it's the perfect post While You Were Sleeping story. Lucy gets the family and the life she always deserved, and everybody from the movie gets at least one perfect moment (Jack and Peter's mother is my favorite, and Lucy's boss, and of course Joe Jr.). This story really is so wonderful. I smiled from ear to ear the entire time I read it, and waited impatiently for author reveals so I could rec it.

Mods can I get "fandom: while you were sleeping" and "ship: lucy moderatz/jack callaghan" tags please?
Tags: fandom: while you were sleeping, ship: lucy moderatz/jack callaghan

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