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“Thanksgiving (All the Trimmings Overdub)” by VesperRegina (G)

When I got assigned December, I wanted to do something a little bit extra-special with my special recs, so I’ve picked different holiday/winter-themed fics to recommend to you all. I’m afraid there’s going to be a lot of fluff, a lot of happy endings and a lot of schmoopy romance, because that’s what I enjoy reading at this dark time of year, but I hope there’s something you like!

Special Rec: 1
Fandom Category: The Mummy
Pairing: Evey Carnahan/Rick O’Connell
Fic Title: “Thanksgiving (All the Trimmings Overdub)”
Author: VesperRegina
Rating/Warning(s): General
Genre: Fluff, humour, family
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Let’s start with a Thanksgiving fic – it wasn’t all that long ago! This movie is one of my absolute favourites, and the pairing of Evey and Rick is one of the best. I picked this fic because it typifies the best aspects of their relationship (at least in my opinion). It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s teasing, it’s sweet, it’s crazy, it’s adventure. It’s love, in point of fact. :)
Tags: fandom: the mummy, ship: evelyn carnahan/rick o'connell, special reccer: faith_less_one

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